The Open Adoption Truth Series

This is not a casting call for a reality television show.  This is a call for participants to be part of a genuine, frank, and heartfelt open adoption web series.

True Love

The good news is more than ever before open adoption is being portrayed in the mainstream media.

The bad news – most times, it’s done badly. Really badly. (Remember Glee’s adoption storyline? How about Oxygen’s I’m Having Their Baby, or pretty much any adoption-themed Lifetime movie, like Adopting Terror, The Third Trimester, or Baby For Sale.)

These overdramatic and unrealistic portrayals do little to shed light on the many well-entrenched myths about open adoption, birth parents, adoptees, and adoptive parents.

It’s about time we open up about open adoption, don’t you think?

So add your voice to this on-going open adoption conversation. Go ahead share your moment. You have our attention.

Me, Barbara Herel

A mom by wayMe 9_2013 of domestic adoption. My husband and I have an open relationship with our daughter’s biological mother and family.

A writer for AdoptiveFamiliesCircle.com. My blog is Improv Mom. Read me, write me, follow me, like me, if you’d like.

A funny gal. (Sometimes even haha.) Just ask my daughter. I come from the improv/comedy world and have written and performed sketch comedy for NBC, Oxygen, and VH1. I also write for the corporate world, which is funny in its own special way. My other comedic antics include cooking dinner and dancing around the house to “My Sharona” with my four-year-old.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am the mom of four bio siblings who we adopted from foster care at ages 2,3,4 and 6. Birth mom, grand mom and birth dad have all had substance abuse problems and repeated incarcerations. One aunt- age 16- has stayed clear of much of this, but maintains very close connections with her sister. As awful as it must feel for our kids- the oldest especially- we have chosen a closed adoption and are not allowing access by the aunt who would like to see the kids due to her close relationship with the birth mom and boundary issues we faced during the foster period when the children had court ordered visits. The birth dad was also arrested for domestic abuse of birth mom. Birth dad tried to contest termination of parental rights – mom did not. Wehave chosen a closed adoption as far as our kids are concerned as we believe continuing a relationship with birth mom or any birth family could be unsafe, psychologically harmful and might bring us under physical threat. I provided an email
    for the birth family to get in touch with me and receive photos. All but birth mom have been in touch. I am really interested if in this circumstance you would advocate for open adoption.

    • Hi Nancy, my apologies for the long delay in responding to you! Thank you for reading Keeping an Adoption Open Despite Challenges It seems that you are taking the necessary precautions to keep your family safe. It’s also seems you are doing your best to keep family ties alive as you provide this safe haven. It’s encouraging that your kids’ birth family (minus mom) has been in touch. I hope these interactions have been positive for your kids and provide them with some comfort. Who knows what the future will hold… perhaps as the kids get older, you may be able to explore ways to open up the relationship with some family members.

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